Youth development league for high school players
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Sat Mar 23 @ 6:30 PM

The All-Star Division is for basketball players who are currently attending high school to age 18. At this level, coaches will instruct and guide players on building solid practice and pre game habits. Players looking to make high school JV and Varsity will find this league can assist and prepare them for their season ahead.
We cement the importance of fine-tuning the eight essential basketball skills combined with proper nutrition, weight training, game film, mental visualization, recovery and rest. BYB scouts, recommends and assists the BBA with selections of players at this level for Bermuda Jr National Program.

BYB League games divided into 20-minute halves running clock with a 35 second shot clock which will force players to make decisions faster thereby increasing the pace and flow of the game. All players attend a skill assessment camp over four Saturdays, once complete players assigned teams with talent evenly distributed to ensure competitive balance. All teams will have a maximum of eight players to ensure playing time. Offensive and defensive concepts are critical at this stage if players wish to play at the high school and college level.